Instruction to Author OLD

Bangladesh  Journal of  Nuclear Medicine is published twice in a year,  in January and in July. It publishes original papers reviews and case report of exceptional merit. The journal considers  manuscripts  prepared  in  accordance  with  the guidelines laid  down  by  the international  committee  of   Medical  Journal  Editors  Br.Med.J.  1988296  (401-405)   A covering  letter  signed  by  all  authors  must state that the data have not been published elsewhere.  If the work has been published  abroad then the article must be accompanied by certificate from head of the institute where the work has been done.

Two  copies  of  the  article, one hard copy and one soft copy in word (.doc) format should be submitted to the Editor. The text should be type written in double space on one side of the paper. The first page of the type script should bear the names of the author(s) and the name and address of the laboratory of institution  where the work has been carried out  in addition to the title of the paper. The full address of the principal  author should be given  as footnote. A  short (running) title of not more than 45 characters should be given. All submitted  manuscripts are reviewed by the editors and rejected manuscripts will not be returned.

Papers should be divide into. (a) Title page (b) Summary (c) Introduction (d) Materials and Methods  (e)  Results  (f)  Discussion   (g)  Acknowledgement   (h)  Reference  (i)  Tables (j) Figures  and  (k) Captions.

Abbreviations  and  symbols  must be standard and SI units should be  used throughout. Statistical  analysis  must  explain  the  methods used.  Reference  should  follow the Vancouver format.  In the text they should appear as numbers starting at 1. At the end of the paper they should  be listed (double spaced)  in numerical order  corresponding to the orders of citation in the text. Authors must check references against original sources  for accuracy. Examples of reference are given below:

1. Paganini Hill A, Chao A, Ross RK, Henderson BE, Aspirin use and chronic disease : a cohort study of the elderly Br Med J 1989;1247-50

2. Greenberger JS  Long-term-hemato-piietic  cultures in : golde  W (ed)  Hematopoiesis . Churchill Livingston. New York. 1984:203-24

Manuscripts and  other  communication for the editors should be addressed to the Editor, Bangladesh Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 3rd floor, Block-A, Institute of Nuclear Medicine, BSMMU. Shahabag, Dhaka-1000