At a Glance

Society of Nuclear Medicine, Bangladesh (SNM,B)

At a Glance

Society   of  Nuclear  Medicine, Bangladesh was formed in the year 1993 but started actively in 1994.  Now  there  are about 125  active  members  comprising  doctors  and other allied scientists.

1. To   establish   an   organization   for physicians  and  scientists  to  perform  and     coordinate  the work  of  common  interest  in  the  field of nuclear  medicine. The     common  interest  in  the  field  of  nuclear  medicine  is concern  with diagnostic, therapeutic and investigational use of radio nuclides & nuclear technique.

2. The organization would  work as a platform for the  physicians &  scientists  in  the nuclear  medicine  to have  meeting  for better communications and  discussions regarding the knowledge of nuclear phenomena applied to the control of disease.

3. To  disseminate   information  concerning nuclear  medicine among  the  nuclear medicine personnel by sponsoring publications. The organization as such would intern work for the betterment and to the service of  mankind  providing  highest  possible  standard of education, research  and practice of nuclear medicine.

4. To  uphold the  interest  of the society members in their working field which is not on contradiction to their service to humanity.